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After moving a substantial portion of the factual information transfer to outside class time, there is a daunting number of minutes of in-class time to fill with engaging learning experiences.  What to do with class time differs from course to course, but here are some things we have found success with:

1. Examine data generated in lab
Helping students connect ideas between the lecture and lab portions of a course is often difficult.  This is compounded by the fact that data taken in lab is rarely reviewed prior to lab reports being turned in and feedback on reports is not often considered carefully.  But imagine that you had time in class to help students with calculations from the lab or to help them to critically review data.
Class activity in action: EE102, CHEM 212

2. Case studies
Case studies allow students to solve a puzzle or investigate a real world problem over the course of a few minutes to a few class periods.   This approach increases student engagement and promotes use of critical thinking and discussion. Cases often involve group work.
Potential resources:
Class activity in action: BIOL 101

3. Have students work homework problems
Flipping a lesson can often allow students time to work problems in class (alone or in a small group) and immediately address points of confusion either through peer instruction or discussion with the instructor.
Class activity in action: EE102, CHEM 212

4. Address misconceptions, deeper explanation
Laura Conner

5. Group discussions- whole class and small group
Group discussions works in a number of ways:
– Lowers the activation barrier for student learning relative to working individually.
– Creates new knowledge that is greater than cumulative understanding of individuals.
– Forces students to articulate their understanding, and defend their knowledge.
– Helps students to identify knowledge gaps and repeats exposure to material.
– Facilitate peer-to-peer learning
Class activity in action: LS 101,  CHEM 212, ED 486, ATM 601

6. Activities
Think of all the things you always wanted to do in class, but didn’t have time to do in class.   Activities, Demonstrations, theater

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