Purpose of this site
This website is the result of a Faculty Learning Community that is exploring the pedagogy of an inverted or flipped classroom and the technologies available to support flipping. Our goal is to lower the activation barrier to help interested faculty try flipping by sharing our experiences.

Why Flip?
Tired of not having enough class time?
Wish you could do more fun activities in class?
Hate delivering the same lecture term after term?
Need more time to foster higher order thinking skills in you students?

In a flipped classroom, students have more control over the pace of instruction.   They can fast-forward, rewind, review, online lectures and quizzes until the master the material.

What is an Inverted or Flipped Classroom?
A learning environment where the traditional cycle of lecture-homework is inverted!

An inverted or flipped classroom intentionally moves the traditional lecture to outside of class, making space for interactive learning, problem solving, and Q&A to happen during class. Students are often not aware of their misunderstanding until they try to apply that understanding on homework or other problem solving activities. The Flipped Classroom paradigm focuses on making the professor available to the students when misunderstandings are most likely to become evident, short-circuiting that misunderstanding. Therefore the flipped classroom model encompasses any use of technology to leverage the learning in your classroom, so you can spend more time interacting with students instead of lecturing.

What is not a Flipped Classroom?
Simply recording lectures to be watched outside of scheduled classroom hours does not make a flipped classroom.

Questions about Copyright and Intellectual Property?
Adam Krynicki- UAF Office of Intellectual Property
April 15, 2015 Seminar
Fair Use Rules- link mentioned in the seminar

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