Designing a Flipped Learning Experience

Join us for a 1-day workshop August 26, 2015
Murie Building, Room 107, UAF campus, Fairbanks, AK

Creating a flipped or inverted classroom environment can be a difficult process.   This workshop is geared to faculty interested in getting a jump-start on using the flipped pedagogy in their classroom while avoiding the potential pitfalls.   Facilitators will focus on a variety of hands-on and group activities to motivate and assist with preparation of classroom inversion and will share their experiences (successes and failures) in flipping their own classes.   At the end of the workshop, participants will have an action plan to invert, or flip, one or two class days, and be able to identify the technology as well as analytics needed to do this successfully.

  • Examine motivations for flipping.
  • Review what research says about flipped classrooms.
  • Decide what material to present in and outside of class time.
  • Strategize new ways to deepen learning during class time.
  • Consider ways to secure student buy-in with the flipped modality.
  • Establish assessment strategies to assess impact of flipping on student learning.
  • Evaluate methods for making instructional materials available to students.

For more information contact Denise Thorsen (, 474-7052)

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Here are the slides from the Workshop

Designing a Flipped Learning Experience_Final2

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